What is a podcast?

What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is like a a radio show on demand. It’s different than broadcasting radio and TV shows because you have the authority to determine when, where and how you want listen to the content.  All you need is a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Once you access an internet connection, the show will automatically download with the next episode ready to go on your audio player.

The advantages:

    1. Never miss a show.
    2. No antennas, wifi connection, or cable needed
    3. Easily accessible on your cell phone.


How To Access, Listen, and Download The Show?

It works by accessing your music player. My favorite ones are iTunes and stitcher. 


from your computer ……..

Here’s all you have to do for iTunes:

  1. Click this link: the Living Well Podcast
  2. Click on the subscribe button
  3. A message will appear asking to confirm subscription. Click subscribe.

That’s it. If you prefer to listen to an episode 1st just click the play button next to the episode.


from your tablet or phone …….

Here’s all you have to do for iTunes:

  1. Click on Podcast icon (preferred) or iTunes store icon
  2. In the search bar copy and paste this phrase: The Living well Podcast: Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle.
  3. Tap the cover art
  4. Click on the subscribe button


How To Rate & Review The Show?

  1. Open  iTunes
  2. In the search bar type: the Living Well Podcast: Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle
  3. Click on “Rating and Reviews”
  4. Click “write a review”
  5. Enter nickname, title, and a review.
  6. Click on the number of stars to rate the show.



That’s it for now. Start by listening to episode #1 to learn about what to expect with each episode. 

Stay healthy my friends!




Special thanks to the good people at century link for producing this helpful video!

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