Searching for an enganging speaker for your next event?  Let’s work together!  

 Whether you need a keynote address, workshop, moderator, or panelist for your next event.   I look forward to empowering and entertaining your audience members with the knowledge and strategies to achieve their full potential of living a healthy life. 

See below some of the more popular topics that I have covered in the past.

Optimal Health & Wellness 

If you’re looking to successfully implement or sustain a workplace wellness program, Dr. Dyson leverages his expertise both as a physician and a management consultant to help audience members get motivated to create healthy habits and to improve their engagement in optimal wellness programs.

Wellness incentive programs are paramount to keeping and hiring good employees.  Implementing a well perceived organizational health culture can build health awareness, lead employees towards making better health decisions, and reduce the companies’ increasing healthcare costs.

In this session we tackle the big issues:

  1. Why aren’t employees participating in large numbers in your worksite wellness programs?
  2. Why are employees testing poorly on quality health measures?
  3. What behavior change modifications can be made to get employees motivated to live a healthier lifestyle?  

As a keynote or a workshop, Dr. Dyson, gives you a strategy to answer those pressing questions to help you build a sustainable health & wellness program.

Stress Management

In today’s fast paced world, stress seems inevitable as you try to balance your personal and professional lives. It’s how you manage the stress that determines whether you start living a life of fulfillment or burn out from mental, spiritual, and physical exhaustion.  


In this session your audience learns:

    • The health related risks associated with stress.
    • How stress leads to decrease in work performance
    • How to identify the signs of stress and how to differentiate it from burn out.
    • Tips for coping with stress
    • Techniques for using stress to their advantage


Weight Management

Improve your audience members chances of losing weight and keeping it off.  


Weight loss is big business in this country. As a result unsolicited recommendations to help you fight the war on weight are just about everywhere.  See through the smoke and mirrors of fad diets and claims of magical weight loss cures with this keynote that gives you the facts.


In this session you will learn:

  • The difference between actual and perceived health experts.
  • How to choose the best diet plan
  • Myths about dietary cholesterol
  • Hidden food sources that cause weight gain
  • Why the “go small, win big” eating theory found in many popular diet books and weight-loss programs  does more long term harm than good.


Healthy Heart

Empower your audience members with knowledge that will improve their heart health. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. but Dr. Dyson leads you through both an informed and entertaining talk that helps you make small strides that minimize your risks.


In this session you will learn about:

  • Current trends and stats about heart disease
  • Controllable risk factors
  • Myths about common recommendations
  • Lifestyle routines you can start to protect yourself from cardiovascular disease.


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