#13: Designing Healthcare. How Design Friendly Spaces Will Make Hospitals Safer.


Imagine you’re admitted to a hospital bed for treatment. Lying on a hard bed in one of those cold, colorless, and bland rooms that you’re accustomed too. Now envision a room decorated like a chic hotel with the functionality of the latest iPad. Well this is more than a dream, it’s the future of hospital rooms.

In episode #13 the Executive Director of Nxt Health, Salley Whitman, stops by the Living Well to describe the state-of-the-art design project, Patient 2020. Watch this episode and learn how healthcare design will help you feel better and heal faster.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How you could use design to start a career in healthcare
  • How the over-bed table will be turned into a iPad and become a control center for everything in the hospital room.
  • How design improves improves quality of healthcare
  • How to take an innovative idea and build a prototype
  • Plus a whole lot more… 

“If you want to change society, you must tell an alternative story.”

--Ivan Illich

Salley Whitman

Salley Whitman is the Co-Lead, Executive Director at NXT Health.  She has been with NXT since its inception and has helped shape the organization through her commitment and passion to improving the state of healthcare in the U.S.
Salley has over 14 years of experience in various fields of healthcare administration, including senior care, physician office operations, strategic planning, facility planning, and business development.


Reach out to Salley and learn more about Patient 2020 and how you too can help innovate healthcare:



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